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Ok hope I can explain it clear about what I wanna ask!

It all began after I bought a new computer (with 2 X 150GB raptor drives) & decided to give up GigaStudio and migrate to Kontakt (hurray to both? ) When setting up everything I noticed copying files to and from, as well as loading samples from the Raptor drives have some abnormal behaviour. It's like the system suddenly freezes for a while (could range from a few seconds to a minute or so) and then it keeps on, and again, and again.

After some troubleshooting I found out this happens when copying/loading very small-sized files (like less than 1k bytes, pizzicato, xylophone, etc). The computer seems to get real slow spending like a few seconds until it could recognize and copy/load each file! The worst scenario was loading/copying EZdrummer, which takes 3 minutes to load it into RAM, which is like 200MB only!

After more troubleshooting I kind of solved the problem by reformatting the drives with a smaller cluster size (8k).... which I used to format drives with 64k cluster size, heard before formatting with larger cluster size helps streaming large files.


Anyone has any idea of what would be causing this (slow copying/loading time with small-sized files on large-cluster formatted HDD)?

And this does not only happen to the raptor drives, tested it on another 7200rpm drive as well, same problem. All HDD's are Western Digital, 1 Cavier Blue and 2 Raptors. My system spec is in my signature.


PS I really love how Giga used the monolith files to store samples. It's a real pity that the Kontakt monolith structure sucks! (slow loading time) I do hope someday NI will grant users the choice of saving in .nks format!

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