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Topic: notation scan program

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    notation scan program


    I'm looking for program which provides to scan in notation.
    It should also be possible to export as midi and xml.
    Any recommendations?

    (I don't need a big notation program because I'm already
    using Cubase 5)


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    Re: notation scan program

    Maybe this will suit you:

    PDFtoMusic Pro


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    Re: notation scan program

    Try SmartScoreX. It is full featured and can export to XML. It is primarily designed to create an XML file and open it in Finale. It has excellent accuracy. If you go through Finale, you may want to filter out velocity and volume events.


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    Re: notation scan program

    It has been my experience that no one Music OCR program can be everything for everyone - though I'd love to be proven wrong.

    I use SmartScore (previous version, the current version demo did not seem 'better' enough to warrant an upgrade) and Sharpeye. If I absolutely had to pick one I'd pick Sharpeye - and I think it is worth your time to download the demo and give it a spin.
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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