Hello all,

I'm looking for a new sound card for the HTPC I am putting together. PC will be playing back HDDVD/ BluRay/ DVD/ 5.1DD Satallite/ DD/Multi-channel encoded video files. PC will be connected (via toslink/ coax digital/ analog?? and DVI) to an Outlaw Audio 990 A/V Processor.

My current sound card, only seems to be put out 2-ch PCM stream which the 990 matrices via Dolby Prologic ][ or DTS:Neo but that loses a lot of the quality from the true 5.1/6.1/7.1 encoding.

Can anyone suggest a good sound card, preferably pci-E 1x but pci if it has to be that will allow me to output something other than 2-ch PCM to my processor?