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Topic: release samples

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    release samples

    I've got the Basic version, and it's great since that's the only recording perspective I need. However, I'm now doing a couple of pieces with very exposed note let-offs, and the lack of release samples is noticeable. Is there any way of getting the release samples short of spending the extra $300 for the full version? Because the economics of that are unfortunately impossible considering that I don't need any of the other recording perspectives.

    Thanks for any info...


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    Re: release samples

    I doubt it, there has been a ton of hours involved in the process of making the Pro version, which is why it is the ultimate, and also carries a higher price.
    You could post another question that would be something like this...

    Since I only have the basic version, would it be legal for DPDan to create an audio file of my midi file using his Pro Version (Under Lid)?


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    Re: release samples

    Interesting idea. Not sure how practical in reality given track sync/alignment issues, but worth thinking about if it's okay with Garritan. I'd much rather have a proportionally-priced upgrade to the release samples feature so I can experiment, but it's not my company.


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    Re: release samples

    There's no definite plans to add release samples to Basic. It could happen sometime in the future, but I wouldn't count on it as any certainty. There's definitely other things in the works for both the Steinway D and B though.

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