http://Piano Sonata - 'Quixotic Coun...ander Kolassa]
Not a live performance unfortunatly, but nontheless sounding quite nice on whatever synths the Sibelius software uses nowadays. This piece was begun with the intention of creating a kind of 'parody' of the 'tradition', the piano 'repetoire' and exploit in someway some of the absurdities, cultural curiosities, and contradictions of concert attendance and etiquette.Anyway, it never happened (not overtly atleast) and while maintaining a degree of irony I endeavoured to create a somewhat distorted charicature of the classical sonata model. Furthermore, the baroque approach is somewhat echoed in long contrapuntal sections that are not entirely instrument-specific. Nevertheless, the idea of a straightfaced, tuxedo dressed pianist, gallantly prodding through this absurdly chaotic piece, to the delight of bemused middle class white people (blissfully unaware of any subtext or extra-musical endeavour) is somewhat vital to its conception.Missing from this recording (due to the fact its computer simulated) is the large arm length cluster (instead of a perfect cadence) the self satisfied performer crashes down on at the end - before accepting rapturous applause and marching off (as pompously as possible)... and I suspect returning for the procedural encore.
Genre: Avantgarde
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