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A piece written for a university composition module, performed in our very nice recital hall. It is inspired somewhat by the ancient Kabbalah creation text, the Sefer Yetzirah and is structured in 6 'chapters' accordingly (to be played continously). The interpretation is a somewhat 'abstracted' one and there's more than a hint of irony in its overt gestures and intentionally 'erratic' structure. Compositionally, besides some hidden 'number games' it sparodically utilizes what Lutoslawski called 'controlled aleatoricism', whereby elements of chance are incorporated within tightly controlled structures, it is thus the intention that the resultant sounds are purely textural ('emancipated' somewhat from certain musical conventions...).Or maybe, Its non of all that.It's probably worth considering the somewhat inadequate rehearsal time prior to the performance, and some fairly poorly prepared and ambiguous instrument parts used during practices (the fault of which is mine) resulting in a less than perfect performance. The performers did valiantly considering.
Genre: Avantgarde
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