Horror vacui [by Alexander Kolassa]
In the fine tradition of respectable 'arts' bearing latin names...On this occasion the title refers to a term often employed to describe an artists apparant tendency to frantically hide all trace of the white canvas in a painting. It is usually suggestive of said artists questionable mental health, and Adolf Wolfli, the inspiration of this piece, painted all his work from within a mental institute in which he spent most of his life (he is often credited as one of the first 'outsider' artists - art brut). In this piece I make no claim at recreating his art musically (Brian Ferneyhough and Per Norgard have been similarly influenced by him and probably done that better than I would) but I atleast attempt to recreate some of the madness I find inherant within his work (as well as corresponding feelings it evokes in me).In here the 'horror vacui' is manifested in a constantly ascending/descending 'shepard-risset' glissando, transcribed for string trio and underpinning much of the work.incidently, this doesnt entirely represent an 'acurate' performance, but considering certain logistical constraints the performers did as well as could be hoped.(included is two performances... I'd recommend the second despite a more cataclysmic mistake near the end)
Genre: Avantgarde
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