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Topic: MIDI Keyboard Linking GPO4 In Sonar

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    MIDI Keyboard Linking GPO4 In Sonar

    Well, my new M-Audio Keystation 61 is sitting in front of me and is connected to my computer via the provided USB cable.

    I've opened Sonar, created a blank MIDI track, opened the 'Synth Rack' with an instance of Aria and a 'strings' patch loaded into channel one.

    Back in the Sonar main window I've assigned the MIDI track to the instance of Aria with the strings.

    So far so good .. ummm .. what now? I've read the manual that came with the keyboard .. nothing there about linking the Keystation 61 to Aria so that it actually plays the loaded instrument. I've tried the M-Audio forums .. couldn't find anything. Tried the sonar forums .. lots of results but couldn't see anything that helped my situation. Tried searching our forums but still I can't find how to make that final link-up.

    The frustrating thing is, many moons ago I regularly played along at school concerts using a computer score playing through a GM keyboard. I also took this setup into a recording studio to record some demo tracks. Now I can't seem to do a thing with it.

    I know this must be a very basic and simple procedure and that many good folk in our community use it daily. However, in the words of the old adage, 'It's easy when you know how'. I't has to be a basic and obvious step staring me in the face but I'm missing it.

    Would some very kind person please give me a step-by-step for linking up a MIDI keyboard in Sonar so that it plays GPO4.

    I'd be really grateful for any help with this.

    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: MIDI Keyboard Linking GPO4 In Sonar

    Hi Michael,

    1) Install the M-Audio Keystation USB drivers from m-audio.com
    2) Boot Sonar with the keyboard switched on.
    3) Options (or Tools) -> MIDI Devices
    4) Make sure the box for the Keystation is checked.
    5) Insert a new MIDI track
    6) Insert ARIA as a soft synth
    7) Set the output of the MIDI track to Aria
    8) Set the input of the MIDI track to your keystation, in Omni mode (not tied to a specific channel)
    9) Your keyboard has the capability to broadcast on different MIDI channels, so consult the manual for the keystrokes to do this
    10) ARIA will sound on the corresponding MIDI channel transmitted by your keyboard

    If you don't have sound, but you see the fader on the midi track in sonar flashing when you strike the key, there's a problem with the audio signal. If you don't see the fader flashing it's a MIDI problem.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: MIDI Keyboard Linking GPO4 In Sonar

    Hello Reegs,

    Thanks very much for your reply and the excellent step-by-step.

    Everything is working fine here now, and this was without installing the supplied software. The Keystation 61 just worked from out of the box.

    I realise the software will be necessary for using the 'Advanced Functions' and for assigning etc. That's for later.

    Again, thank you for helping out, it's much appreciated.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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