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Topic: VSL Video-Demos (all on one page now)

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    VSL Video-Demos (all on one page now)

    Many people have been asking me over the years and recently on another thread. about the VSL video-demos I made, but weren't always able to locate them on the VSL website. They are now all one one page. What's important here is that each demo is done on a single track.

    Here you go


    The videos are a collaboration work, Michael Hula from VSL did the video part from my demos, which I specifically did for this project.

    Hope this can help many of you.



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    Re: VSL Video-Demos (all on one page now)

    Oh My God !!!! The level of detail... the expresivness.... WOW.... I just watched the solo chello and I am stunned... this demo sure made the other libraries look like cheap amateur imitations

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    Re: VSL Video-Demos (all on one page now)

    Just listened to app violas and wow!

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