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Topic: Korg wave drum library?

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    Korg wave drum library?


    Is there any Korg Wave drum library out there in any format?

    I own Liquid Grooves and Metamorphosis which has some grooves, but I want more!

    This is an idea for a library Donnie!



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    Re: Korg wave drum library?

    Yeah, that Korg Wave Drum sounds really amazing... I see that the Post is from 2001 but anyway, no one answered you so far...

    Well, i only know one single Sampling CD who owns "some" of Sounds from the Wave Drum, it's from Masterbits and it's called "Total Zone", in the middle of the Demo mp3 you can hear some examples how they sound...

    Here are the Links...

    Total Zone from Masterbits... http://www.masterbits.de/zone3_e.htm#TZ

    Here is an mp3 Demo from Total Zone... http://www.masterbits.de/sounds/jukebox/total_s.mp3


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    Re: Korg wave drum library?

    Wave drum would be an awesome library

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    Re: Korg wave drum library?

    Hi Scarbee, just saw this post, I used to have a Korg Wavedrum and was going to do a sample liabrary for it, but at the time didn't seem to be much interest in it, so I eventually sold the wave drum (foolish decision now looking back)...The Wave drum was indeed one of a kind...totally a real time player, very controlable. If I remember correctly, I may still have some samples floating around on an old bernulli box drive, but I'm not sure they would be of any value...not sure I can actually get them off the drive anymore...I'll check and see. Take Care.

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    Re: Korg wave drum library?

    Well, some sampels would be great, I am interested, too because I wan to do a Library, too someday...! Let me know, please, if you found any sampels you wanna share with us...

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    Re: Korg wave drum library?

    Hi all, I think I found the disk that contains some wave drum samples, however, they reside on a 150 meg cartridge for a Bernulli box scsi drive. These, if my memory is correct were saved as Ensoniq ASR-10 files, which I no longer have access to an ARS-10, or anything that would read them from this scsi drive. I'm not sure how to get them off and into another format...any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Re: Korg wave drum library?

    Hm, no, no idea at the moment, if there were only in the ASR-10 format there is maybe somewhere a converter around but i have no scsi drive or something similar at my place.. ~~~~..

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