Scratching the vinyl , spinning the wheel, turntablistic energy splashing out if the “Turntablism” sample loop collection by Sonokinetic.

Over 500+ loops dedicated to mind blowing turntablism dj skills. Divided into tempi; 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120 BPM’s and turntablism-fx, this collections provides for a broad range of diversity for you compositions. And 175+ elements like original historical quotes and speeches.

Available in: 24 bit/48 kHz, “Apple Loops”, “EXS”, “NI Kontakt”, “REX2″, and Wave

- 515 Apple loops

- 7 EXS24mkII patches + sample-folder (515 loops and samples)

- 7 Kontakt patches (with artwork)

- 5 folders with REX2 files ( 425 loops)

- 515 24 bit , 48kHz wave files

“Turntablism” features 3GB+ high end samples and loops. Of which 180 element for your own turntablism creative process.
Original recordings, sound effects and other cool elementary audiofiles in 24 bit 48kHz wave format. License free to use for spicing up you own compositions and productions.


- 6 long applause ambiences
- 50 cool and hilarious Bush quotes
- 30 all-time famous quotes
- 80 historical speeches and quotes form epic people. Like Einstein, JFK, Churchill, Nixon and many more
- 25 vintage Americana qoutes
- 17 vinyl crackle sound effects

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