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Topic: Upgrading for $149 to Giga studio

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    Upgrading for $149 to Giga studio

    Hi All
    I got hit by a bunch of bills at one time ,so I thought I would wait a month or so to upgrade from giga sampler to giga studio 160. I saw it listed on the lit that Nemesys sent me that I have until july 1rst to upgrade for that reduced price.
    But I went to the Nemesys site today and see they have reworked it. And next to the upgrade price listing of $149 ,it say\'s for the month of April.
    So Im just wondering do I have until july first or do I have to do it now?[because april is gone already]

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    Re: Upgrading for $149 to Giga studio

    I surely hope they still do that offer until AT LEAST july 1st (should be august 1st really, since the release was delayed). I rely on it, so Nemesys... you\'d better stop fooling around.

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    Re: Upgrading for $149 to Giga studio

    I just got back from the Nemesys site and all the info I can find refering to the giga studio upgrade say\'s the upgrade price of $149 is good until july 1st. So what I saw must had been a bug or misprint or something . everything is cool.

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