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Topic: Berklee online music courses opinion?

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    Berklee online music courses opinion?

    Hello I was wondering if anyone here has taken any courses through berklee music online before? I was planning on moving to LA this year, and was going to pursue the film scoring night classes at UCLA since I have a day job. But I was offered a better position in my home state of FL so I wont be moving out there for at least a year if not more. I've taken music theory 1 and 2 at university as electives, and also participated in the university choir. Since I will not be moving to LA I was looking to further my compositional abilities here at home, but no local colleges or universities offer night courses. So I was thinking of pursuing the arranging and orchestration certificate online at berklee music. Does anyone here have any insight into their online courses? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Berklee online music courses opinion?

    The orchestration courses are great! Well worth the time and $$. Ben Newhouse is a great teacher! I took orchestration one and two! Got a lot out of it!



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