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Topic: Conga Glissando

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    Conga Glissando

    I've been on a mission of searching and asking around the World Wide Web, so here goes...

    I've been using the old NS_Kit Congas, which, in my opinion, are still some of the best sampled congas I've heard.

    Unless I missed an update before Doug Whates(from Natural Studio)took a break from sampling, this library is missing the glissando effect-the sound you get when sliding your finger across the conga..sometimes referred to as a cow-moo, or moose-call.

    I've pressed my luck a few times recently by shooting Doug an e-mail or two for the missing samples(afterall, the sound was actually in one of his demo-songs)but no reply.

    This effect is also in N.I Battery 3, which I do own, but it doesnt sound nearly as realistic as the NS_Congas.

    I am in need of this sound. Preferably glissando-up, and glissando-down slides at various speeds if possible, but if not, one good sample would suffice. I could always tweak later.

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    Re: Conga Glissando

    As a percussionist, I really like the VSTi "Percussion" from Drumkit From Hell Superior (first edition). There's several patches from single stroke to gliss effect
    Mathieu Laprise

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    Re: Conga Glissando

    Thanks SyQuEsT, I will check it out.

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