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Topic: Eric Persing Help Please!

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    Eric Persing Help Please!


    I know this should go to your support guys but I'm hoping you are around tonight. I am trying to get Atmosphere to work on my new computer. I have Omnisphere installed and it works great but all of my compositions have Atmosphere in them and it's a drag when Cubase (5 latest upgrade) says "Can't find Atmosphere) I know all of the sounds are in Omnisphere but I can't remeber off hand which Atmosphere patches I used on a specific song so I was hoping to wean myself off of Atmosphere by having both installed.

    Here's what is happening. I finally got Atmosphere authorized (by tricking it with the demo version of Reaper). I run Cubase, as administrator, (like your website suggests) and open up a blank project. Atmosphere is in the list of VST's. I select Atmosphere (again the latest version 1.2 I think) and Cubase says "Do you want to create a MIDI track?" I say yes and Atmosphere launches but...

    ...the interface is cropped to just the upper right corner. It's only about 1 inch wide by 1/2 inch high. Not scaled down tiny, but cropped like you crop a picture in photoshop. I can see the VST on/off icon, the bypass effect switch and the read automation button. The title in the windoe says "Atmos..." and there is the red X to close out the interface. The default tone plays but I can't "see' the interface to select a patch. It's like if you have scaled down a window (in windows) by dragging the bottom right hand corner up to the top left. But you can't grab and resize the window.

    I have been fighting with this install for quite a few days and feel like i'm very close. Do you have any idea as to why this is happening? Because Atmosphere is not standalone there is no way to right click on the icon and check the Compatibility Mode for Run as Windows XP 32 bit... or is there? Funny thing is that it opens up fine in Reaper!??? Eric, throw me a bone my good man, I need a few remaining hairs on my head

    All the very best,


    My specs are Intel Quad Core, 8 gigs of ram, Vista 64 bit home edition, Cubase 5.1.1. Also using Steinberg's default VST bridge which works well for everything else.
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    Re: Eric Persing Help Please!

    Wow! This is really wierd. Regarding my problem above I opened up an old song that has Atmosphere in it. The interface still did it's "cropped tiny window" but the patch loaded fine and I was able to play it. I just couldn't change it.

    So like a drooling ex-drummer I just kept clicking on the "Edit VST button" (piano like graphic) and watched the interface open and close. then all of the sudden it opened bigger! Not all the way but almost 100% horizontally. So I clicked a few more times and "poof" Atmosphere opened up in all of it's blue and silver glory!

    I have to tell you I have been around computers for over 25 years and have never had something so bizzare happen (in a happy ending kind of way)

    Ok so I have to open and close Atmosphere 5-6 times before it pops up but this will get me through while I migrate over to Omnishpere.

    I hope this may help somebody else as it was driving me crazy...

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Eric Persing Help Please!

    Thanks for the info. Getting help from support is the best bet for this issue, I don't have too much to offer since I haven't experienced that before.


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    Talking Re: Eric Persing Help Please!

    My first thought is making sure your video drivers are the most current.

    Second, (I don't know of other's experiences running Atmosphere on Vista 64) but since it's a fairly old application, maybe it's UI rendering is not entirely stable in that environment.

    But, at least you found a 'bang the TV set until it you get a good picture' kinda workaround.

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