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Topic: Volume seems low

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    Volume seems low

    Hello -

    I am a new user of the Steinway and I really like it. I have the standard edition. But, I have noticed that even when I pull the fade way up, the Steinway is still softer than my other tracks - like Stylus RMX or Trillian. I end up having to put a gain plug-in on the channel to balance the mix. Am I doing something wrong - or are others having the same issue?

    I am using Logic 9.2 (32 bit), with Steinway 1.04 on a MacBook Pro 2.4 gHz, 4 GB


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    Re: Volume seems low

    I think it's safe to say that most Steinway users find its volume low as a solo instrument, and certainly in combination with other instruments. Gain compensation of the sort you're doing is the only thing to do.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Volume seems low

    Have you already tried sliding the "dry" button up under the "Space" setting on the Steinway window within Logic? The ambience doesn't need to be on.


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    Re: Volume seems low

    What about using compressors to augment the gain?
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    Re: Volume seems low

    The volume is probably low compared to most instruments, and it's fine to use a gain plug-in. I set the level in creating it so that it would be fairly hard to overload and get into digital distortion. Nevertheless even at the current (low) level it's possible to overload if you really slam down hard on a chord. There's no danger in having the level on the low side because with 32 bit float you don't lose any resolution, and you can always increase the volume when/if you have headroom.

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