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Topic: Omnisphere has no patches!

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    Omnisphere has no patches!

    I bought today Omnisphere and I upgrade it at the last software and patch version, before make it play for the first time. After the double authorization a message appears:"Cannot open Multi D:\Trilian\STEAM\Omnisphere/Defaults/default.mlt_omn"

    And there wasn't any patch in the browser.

    Why an Omnisphere folder is into Trilian STEAM folder?

    I installed Trilian in D: too and I had no issues..I don't know if it's an issue of the upgrade. how can downgrade to the previous software version, just to try it?

    I also wrote to tech support and I'm waiting for an answer..I must use Omnisphere as soon as possible!

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    Re: Omnisphere has no patches!

    It sounds like a mix up in your STEAM folder. You should have one STEAM folder and that folder should contain a Trilian folder and an Omnisphere folder.

    See the following:

    "What does this mean: Cannot open Multi../default.mlt_omn?"
    "How do I find my STEAM folder and Omnisphere data files?"
    "Moving the STEAM folder on Windows."

    FAQs at support.spectrasonics.net

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omnisphere has no patches!

    I solved the issue, but I don't know if it's an update installer fault..
    I checked the STEAM link folders and one of them was linking the wrong STEAM..
    Anyway..Omnisphere is awesome

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    Re: Omnisphere has no patches!


    Yeah Omnisphere runs right...but now the error message is from trilian!!!
    No patches!
    How can I fix the steam link for every instrument?

    I installed Trilian in D:\Trilian
    and Omnisphere in D:\Omnisphere

    Why they give me these errors?

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