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Topic: Anybody having problems with SONAR 8.5.2?

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    Anybody having problems with SONAR 8.5.2?

    One project on two versions of SONAR. Projects exactly the same up to the last comma.

    On Sonar 8.5.2 (32-bits) it crashes all the time at random moments, just disappearing from my desktop, no error messages, no exception codes, just oops-gone (Only once I had a BSOD).

    On Sonar 8.3.1 (32-bits) all goes well, it is like heaven. Never have such a thing.

    On the SONAR forum a user mentioned that he is experiencing the same problem, I seconded that with my findings. Reply on the SONAR forum to my message:

    1. E-Mu 64 Patches are not proven to be very stable;
    2. SONAR is not supporting XP64

    I leave it up to you what you think of that.......

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: Anybody having problems with SONAR 8.5.2?

    For the most part I am finding 8.5.2 to be stable and a bit of an improvement in terms of performance... I seem to be getting just a little better mileage from my aging hardware.

    I have not run into any of the crash scenarios that I've read about over in the CW fora, and for that I am knocking on wood and feeling grateful!

    I did, however, run into one arcane problem! The Mute, Solo, Record, and IM gadgets on the individual tracks no longer operate. They flash on and then off again. The "Track State" versions of the same gadgets are working properly, and it hasn't really hampered my workflow enough (yet) to motivate me to re-install. But it is annoying, and even more annoying is that I seem to be the only one experiencing this.

    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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