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Topic: Omni and CUDA??

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    Omni and CUDA??

    Was wondering if Eric is planning on using Nvidia's CUDA infrastructure to power omnisphere, noticing as i work with the synth my self and see the sheer amount of cpu power it uses. It would expand possibilitys if all that work could be transfered to a GPU or even SLI config a fiew VST plugins are already running on CUDA and i could see it becoming a standard in the future.


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    Re: Omni and CUDA??

    I believe this is not in Spectrasonics realm at all.

    Since their VI's are plugins, the processing distribution is handled completely by the Host DAW. You would need to petition the daw manufacturer (ie Apple for Logic) to incorporate that feature into their platform.

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    Re: Omni and CUDA??

    i thought that was going to be the answer, mabe someday.

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