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Topic: Samples for Giga vs Other Formats..

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    Samples for Giga vs Other Formats..

    Since I\'m new to Giga, pardon my ignorance here but...

    Are GIGA versions of most sample libraries reprogrammed to take advantage of GIGA\'s capabilities? That is,
    if I buy Miroslav, or Bob Clearmountain Drums, etc, for GIGA, will they be in more powerful \"setups\" than they are for AKAI or EMU?

    I have lots of CD ROMS for Roland, as I\'ve used a 760 and 5080 for years, but using Translator to get them over to GIGA has been less than satisfying, both from a standpoint of audio quality (all the samples are noticeably thinner) and because they naturally are not programmed to take advantage of GIGA.

    I just wondered whether everyone who releases CDs for GIGA puts together setups that are optimized for it....thanks

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    Re: Samples for Giga vs Other Formats..

    Good question. I think the two areas where being \"Giga\" is unique would be large non-looped samples and key-triggers.

    On the other hand, Giga is comparatively weak in the programming department, so most non-native Giga libraries have the task of fitting information that doesn\'t come so naturally to Giga into the libraries.

    A good example of this is the Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings. Kirk set the native versions (Emu) up so the pitch wheel brought in trills (going down) and slides (going up). Giga can\'t do that, but it could do mod wheel, so we altered the set up to where there was an instrument for bringing in trills with the mod wheel, and separate instrument to bring in the slides.

    Since most libraries sound fine within the (old) 128mb or 32mb limit, usually a developer doesn\'t whip out the masters and create non-looped variants.

    So, in other words, the task for a developer wanting to bring over libraries isn\'t really to add features, but to (desperately) retain the ones already programmed in.

    You will likely have better results in native-Giga libraries, or at least ones that advertise that they take advantage of Giga features.

    This is my experience having participated in many translastions to Giga of professional libraries.

    (Oh, and regarding the perceived \"thinness\" of the Roland->Giga translations - Translator has the authentic Roland deemphasis filter in the latest versions (all 2.1, I believe) - it\'s Rolands code, so there\'s not much we can do about it. What you are likely perceiving is that the sound cards modern architecture doesn\'t warm the sound like the old Roland does. Giga could use a warmer filter, I think - or at least options for different poles. We notice a difference, too. If you can send Chicken System\'s an example, we\'d like to take a look at it and see what we could do to warm things up for you.)

    Garth Hjelte
    Chicken Systems Customer Support
    Home of \"Translator\"

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