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Topic: Wallander: new Brass and WW collections - new price

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    Wallander: new Brass and WW collections - new price

    All the so far available Brass plus more for 499$, the same with Woodwinds for 399$ ... sounds like a pretty good deal to me!


    Now they offer a separate Pro-Player Engine for another 499$. It has some additional tweaking possibilities. That's a little much, I would say. The problem is also that I am not sure what can't be done without it. You owners of the previous editions: does it look like the SE-Edition is like the controls available so far and the Pro edition only new features? Also, is it an investment that keeps you mood up for a long time? I had a lot of fun testing the trial version, even without CC and real keybord, just programming some slow trombone glissandi, I could never do with my samples. I already have most of VSL and Lass, so I'm pretty resistant in new purchases by now. What do you say? I also pitty, they won't offer an all in one package for a bundle price ...

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    Re: Wallander: new Brass and WW collections - new price

    Hi FriFlo!

    You should consider this offer as a bundle price - believe me, it is. Plus it doesn`t make you break your bank for all at once, so its a 3 part-bundle Less than that? I think it wouldn`t be sane. After all, we`ve paid that price for lesser range of instruments during these two years.

    Your query about SiE vs Pro... I am not sure, but I think that old interface was the PRO, as I haven`t see any player update beyond that. Anyhow, my upgrade path lists only PRO versions, once I would update the instruments..

    As for subjective "to buy or not to buy.." If you are good with sound, and can make anechoic material shine - you will quickly find your previous samples obsolete... If you are presets person, you may like the "out of the box" timbres a bit less than your current setup... Still, the playability will take over.

    If you have a hand in mixing, and some Midi playing skills - no brainer

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