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Topic: GPO 4 Aria and Sonar 7 Problem

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    GPO 4 Aria and Sonar 7 Problem

    Greetings all. I wasn't sure where to ask this question so I hope this forum is the appropriate place.

    I have just downloaded GPO 4 with the Aria player and have installed it as a VST in Sonar 7. I can insert it as a soft synth with multiple outs without any problems and the interface seems to be functional but I cannot get more than one instrument to play.

    For instance I'll assign a violin to the first instrument and a flute to the second, and perhaps a french horn to the third.

    I am using a Roland XV-88 as the MIDI controller and when I press any key the first, violin, will play but any changes I make to the instrument selection will still only play the violin.

    The virtual keyboard that appears at the bottom of the Aria player will however change to match the instrument and it will play when keyed with the mouse, but not with the XV-88.

    I CAN assign a separate channel to each instrument and manually change channels in Sonar to play each instrument but that's tedious at best and will not let me play more than one instrument at a time.

    I might be missing something really simple and appreciate any help.

    Thank you

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    Re: GPO 4 Aria and Sonar 7 Problem

    Hello and welcome,

    In order for each instrument to play its own part, each instrument must have its own MIDI channel. Otherwise, the same MIDI data will be sent to every loaded patch. (If this is what you want, just set the Aria MIDI channel to each instrument to match or to omni.)

    Each instrument loaded should have its own MIDI track in Sonar. The channel output for each track should correspond to the channel assignment within Aria.

    It sounds like the VX-88 is only sending on Channel 1, which is why you keep hearing only the instrument in the first slot. Consult your owners manual on how to switch the midi transmit channel: it should be a simple 1 or 2 button operation.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: GPO 4 Aria and Sonar 7 Problem

    Thanks So much for the reply Reegs,

    I understand the just of what you posted. I can indeed load the Aria player as a soft synth which, in Sonar, gives me one MIDI track and 16 (stereo) audio tracks, one for each of the 16 instruments in the Aria player.

    In order to play each of the instruments that are loaded I need to go into the MIDI track and choose the number of the channel that corresponds to the instrument number loaded in that spot in Aria and that instrument will play.

    This of course negates the purpose of having 16 individual audio tracks because I can accomplish this same thing with a single audio track by just switching channels in the MIDI track.

    And using this method I cannot get more than one instrument to play at a time which I thought was one the reasons for, and selling points of, the Aria player?

    So I still seem to be missing something unless this is how the Aria player is meant to be used? And it's not meant to play more than one instrument at a time?

    What I would like is to have 16 instruments loaded. Be able to select each one, one at a time and/or have any combination of them playing according to the mute/solo selection in the mixer view.

    Is this how the Aira player was intended to be used?

    Again thanks so much for the help.

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    Re: GPO 4 Aria and Sonar 7 Problem


    Use multiple MIDI tracks in Sonar to send information to Aria. In Sonar, Insert>MIDI Track and then select the output port of the new track as Aria 1-Channel 2. Repeat 14 times with the remaining channels for 16 discreet MIDI channels piped to as many as 16 stereo audio outputs.

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    Re: GPO 4 Aria and Sonar 7 Problem


    That allows me to then choose each MIDI track and play a single instrument but I still have no control within the Aria player/mixer nor any ability to play more than one instrument at a time.

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    Re: GPO 4 Aria and Sonar 7 Problem

    I found the problem. I was using a specific MIDI channel for each instrument or even a single MIDI channel for them all but I needed to choose OMNI in the ARIA player. It was abbreviated 'OM' and though that seems pretty obvious my eyes just went right over that abbreviation and didn't recognize it as OMNI. Using MIDI OMNI everything loads and plays either all together or Solos and mutes accordingly.

    Thank you and I hope that helps someone else.

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