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Topic: dropouts, disk loss

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    dropouts, disk loss

    Just curious about a couple of things. First off, what does the number "Disk Loss" in the info tab mean?

    I'm getting occasional glitches and voices quitting on me, and I'm pretty sure the "Disk Loss" number goes up a few notches each time. After a few minutes of playing, I had a Disk Loss around 110, but what does that mean? I'm using an internal 7200 drive, fairly new, haven't noticed any problems (yet) using it with Kontakt streaming samples, but it's hard to say if I've stressed it in the same way.

    Also, I have Pre Caching set to 128k, and Dyn Max set to 256M.

    So a related question, what do those two settings mean?

    Thanks much!


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    Re: dropouts, disk loss

    The disk loss number increments when the hard drive isn't able to supply (a tiny piece of) a sample to the program fast enough to be used. It isn't always audible but if you hear a glitch and you see the number go up, it's usually safe to assume that disk loss was responsible.
    Pre-cache is the amount of memory used to store the beginning of each samples, before the hard drive will need to stream. Dynamic max is the amount of memory used to store parts of samples past the pre-cache, that have been recently used - going on the assumption that since they were just used they may be used again soon. In theory the higher both of these are, the better, although it comes with the downside that you may be using significantly more memory when you increase them. But in practice the reason for disk losses may not be directly related to these settings. You can increase them typically to see if it helps, but in your case I believe you are already set at the Pre-cache maximum and I don't think the dyn max is likely to make a difference.
    One important factor as to glitches is the audio device and drivers. Make sure you are running the latest drivers for your audio device if you are getting glitches. And if you aren't already, use/buy a good audio device. Just as an example, when I was demoing at NAMM on a laptop a week ago I was using a pre-cache setting of 32kb, and in the preferences an audio buffer size of 32 samples. This worked fine for me, but I had a pretty solid audio device and drivers, which I think made a difference.
    Finally there may (or may not be) some things which are temporarily beyond your control - I'm not currently aware of plugin host programs which are incompatible with the Steinway, but it's conceivable that they do and/or will exist, and if there were a case like that, updates would be needed from either the host provider or from us.

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    Re: dropouts, disk loss

    I'm using an RME hdsp interface. I've had pretty good luck with it so far, and RME seems to be pretty on top of it with the drivers. I'm running at, I think, 128 sample buffer size... wasn't brave enough to try 32! The dropouts are pretty infrequent, but annoying. Hard to duplicate, so hard to test since I can tweak a setting, then play for 5 or 10 minutes before it glitches by which time I've lost my debugging train of thought.

    I'll let you know if I get any more concrete information, thanks.


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