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Topic: JABB horns, settings

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    JABB horns, settings

    Hello - I'm new to JABB and I have an issue/question. I've noticed (although not every single time) if I assign mutes to the ks horns at the beginning of a tune, but then the last half of the tune is open, they don't always seem to reset when i go back to the top. Same true for volume, sometimes it seems like the horns disappear...I tend to think I'm just doing something wrong, or hearing it wrong -- but wonder if anyone knows any tricks that you need to do or something to reset when going back to the beginning?? I'll keep messing around....

    Thanks. Bob

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    Re: JABB horns, settings

    Are you working in a sequencing program or a notation program?

    Either way, I generally set the KS switches to what I want at the beginning and at the end of the instruments last note even if the start is the default setting. That way, if I stop at a point before the end or go back to some point early in the piece I will not have the wrong KS selected.

    Does that make sense?

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    Re: JABB horns, settings

    An important thing to remember here is that sequencers don't "chase" keyswitches. In other words, wherever you press start, the keyswitch instrument will play in whatever articulation it was last playing in, wherever in the song that was. My solution is to place a repeated keyswitch throughout the song, maybe one per measure, or just not use keyswitched instruments at all - load the individual articulations into separate tracks.

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    Re: JABB horns, settings

    Hi Bob,

    Yeah, there's a few ways to do this; I use a modified version of what Raweber mentioned first.

    I copy all keyswitches AND at least a single cc1 value (volume) per track to the beginning of each new section in my arrangement (I.E., every 8, 10, 12 bars or so).

    This way, no matter what section I was working on last, if I decide to work on the third "A"-section, all the horns in that section will play back with the correct mutes and also a good, default volume for that section (Of course, as the arrangement develops, those single cc1 values become nearly continuous inserts of cc1 values, but at least there is a decent volume level in each section until I get around to doing so).

    I would also suggest always having a default value for keyswitches and cc1 per track inserted at the beginning of every track in your templates or files you compose in.

    It would be great if MIDI chased keyswitches, but it dosen't so you'll need to adopt a workaround that suits your style of creation.



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    Re: JABB horns, settings

    Thank you all for those comments. I'll get back in and figure it out. Yes, I'm using a sequencing program - Logic - and while like the flexibility of the ks (which, I thought meant they were horn sounds from Kansas...) it feels like the quick and/or lazy way around it is to not use them, and just use the muted instruments separately...one follow up -- do these seeting cc's include volume? If I use the mod wheel to creat a cresc, -- i assume it is recorded? But perhaps if the last note of the piece is a decresc down to zero, will it know to reset at the top of the tune volume for that instrument?

    Thanks again.

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