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Topic: Hard drive requirements for Basic version

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    Hard drive requirements for Basic version

    Hi all, newbie here, so forgive me if this question has already been asked / answered in previous posts.

    I am interested in the Steinway basic version but am not sure if my 2yo mackbook will meet the minimum specs, especially around the hard drive.

    Specs are:

    Macbook Intel C2D 2.2GHz
    4GB RAMM
    Running Snow Leopard
    5400rpm hard drive
    Using Garageband

    I know some other pianos, such as NI's akoustiks will work under a 5400rpm drive (although I appreciate 7200rpm could improve performance). Just wondering whether the basic version will survive under a 5400rpm drive?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Hard drive requirements for Basic version

    Your Macbook should work fine with the Steinway. I think that's all Jeff Hurchalla was running his Steinway demos at NAMM with.


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    Re: Hard drive requirements for Basic version

    The minimum requirements include a 7200 rpm hard drive for the samples, preferably this would be an internal drive on a desktop computer. As Jim said I was running off my 3 year old macbook laptop using a 5400 rpm internal drive, but this was a brand new drive I installed last month. So while this can show that a specific 5400 rpm drive might work well in a demanding environment, I still wouldn't draw a general conclusion from it. A 5400 rpm drive may not work well for everyone, especially not with anything but the newest 5400 rpm drives. The safest bet is to follow the minimum requirements of 7200 rpm.
    My expectation is you'd be able to play the piano ok on your laptop as-is, but you may or may not get occasional glitches when a lot of notes are sounding simultaneously.

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