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Topic: Town Crier

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    Town Crier

    I wrote this a few months ago. It uses JABB Tenor Sax, Akoustik Piano (Bosendorfer 290 patch) and my J-Bass. Put a little compression on the sax to bring out the attacks, slight peaking on the piano at 2k. Reverb was Altiverb 6 "Cello Rm 1" with about 20% wet.

    The Bosendorfer really has a solid bottom-end which seemed to work better than the GPO or JABB pianos. I had never written for Tenor Sax before and had to do some research on that - I think JABB worked out well for that instrument, not perfect but close enough to tell if the composition is sound. Not sure the J-Bass actually adds much to the composition and probably could have been dropped (esp. in light of the Bosendorfer).



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    Re: Town Crier

    Very nice, I enjoyed that diversion. Nice use of the sax and piano!

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    Re: Town Crier

    Hi John,

    I liked your piece, especially the double-time section in the middle.

    I would suggest, however, either subduing the piano or bringing the sax up in the mix; it's practically drowned out by the piano.

    Nice work!



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    Re: Town Crier

    Hi John;
    Nice sax work! - thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Town Crier

    Frank D.
    My mixes are usually pretty bad (due to my hearing) so any advice is well taken. I have several sound systems that I try the mixes on and for this one I was either getting the sax too low or to high depending on the system. Still, I dropped the piano 1.7 dB and that seems to be agreeable with all of them.

    BTW, The Boogie Woogie line steals the piano left hand from a great Beatles song (key and registers are the same but I changed the shuffle to simple rolling 8ths). Maybe you can guess which one if I sing "Out of college, money spent, see no future, pay no rent...." using my best Elvis voice.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Town Crier

    NEver heard a boogie-woogie play on a Bosendorfer. Together with the sax makes a very good combination. Don't know what is wrong with your hearing, but here you excelled, may be the sax a bit more "body".

    About the piece, and that's what counts. Great piece, well done transitions from one mood to another.

    Raymond Robijns
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