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Topic: Ensemble Building

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    Ensemble Building

    Ok where is the setup room for GPO4 stand alone ver for

    Ensemble Building

    Garritan Personal Orchestra 4.0 lets you Build sections and ensembles any way you want from individual expressive instruments.

    Create Ensembles of Varying Sizes with Individual Instruments

    • Make solos, duos, trios, quartets, chamber groups, small-medium-large
      size orchestras, or any combination of your choosing.
    • Play divisi and separate lines for each instrument.
    • Be free from fixed-size section samples.
    • Each instrument has its own individual character and nuance, they each
      are expressive, and can interact with each other just like genuine players.

    Personal Orchestra is the first library to offer this. Most other sample libraries offer predetermined sections with the instruments playing in unison where the size and sound of each section is fixed. And every time you play a section you get all instruments in that section starting and stopping exactly the same way each time you play a particular note. This may be acceptable for those rare moments requiring a full tutti with that particular number of instruments playing in unison. But if your music requires one instrument per part or divisi parts, as is common in the vast majority of orchestral music, GPO4 is ideal!
    With the Garritan Personal Orchestra, the library is designed so you can create numerous combinations with these instruments, each capable of playing a separate part. You are no longer limited to sections of a pre-determined section size (although GPO does offer the option of section strings and ProjectSAM section brass too). GPO4 offers you the utmost flexibility.
    The sum is much more than its parts. When you have individual Personal Orchestra instruments playing together, and each phrase and each line is musical and expressive, the combined result can be breathtaking.

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    Re: Ensemble Building

    Hello, John - welcome to the Forum.

    Most of your post is a quote from the GPO manual. And you ask:

    where is the setup room for GPO4 stand alone ver..."

    The setup room--? I don't know what you mean.

    If you're asking how is that all instantly achieved, what's described in the manual, then I'd have to say - nowhere. The text is describing the sort of thing you can do as you put together your projects. Basically it's explaining that you can pick and choose from the long list of instruments in GPO to put together whatever kind of ensemble you want for a given piece.

    But you're saying you want to do all this in the stand alone version. Well--you're severely limited when you work with just the stand along version. You can only have however many audio channels your sound card allows, and that's usually one stereo pair.

    The best way to use GPO (or any "soft synth") is in a sequencing host like Reaper, Sonar or Cubase---or if you're hopelessly academic--hehe, a notation program. The host provides unlimited numbers of instruments, and you can fully build the kind of ensembles that manual quote is talking about.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Ensemble Building

    Thanks Randy for the reply

    Here's a video showing what I want to do
    so this is in the vst plugin ver. and not the stand alone ver

    I have Sonar 8.5

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    Re: Ensemble Building

    That's a pretty cool video, but you can do most of this stuff in GPO4 by setting the parameters. E.g., you want three violins on the left/front? Put three different violins (solo or player) in slots 1, 2, and 3 (or any other slot really) of your plugin, set the pan of each left, but slightly different, then go to "controls" and set the stage depth (a low value in this case, I guess). It's not as slick as the interface in the video, but should give analog results.

    Do you know anything more about that video?

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    Re: Ensemble Building

    Hello again, John - Thanks for the new post. I just had NO idea what you meant by "the set up room" in your original post, and why you'd quoted so much from the manual.

    I can shed light on that video. A couple of years ago, Gary was hoping to release this drag-n-drop capability for GPO, but it was abandoned and there are higher priorities on the company's to-do list--like the Aria versions of JABB and CMB. It's possible the idea will be picked up again, I have no way of knowing.

    So that video really shouldn't be on You Tube. It was a brief demo of what the interface would be like, but the interface was only in development and never released.


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    Re: Ensemble Building

    FLWrd I thought that was from an earlier ver of Garritan's PO thought the drag and drop for set-up was cool and bought GPO4.

    Randy thank you for explaining that the Drag and Drop placement of instruments is not in GPO4

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    Re: Ensemble Building

    Just in case some potential Garritan user might be scared away by "... or if you're hopelessly academic--hehe, a notation program", let me present another view.

    I haven't seen the inside of academia for 40 years. I also wouldn't know a "sequencing host" if it hit me in the face; I hadn't even looked up MIDI until about 6 months ago. I'm also basically PC-illiterate (but worked with mainframe computers for 40 years so know how to read manuals). And I've been able to read music since about 2nd grade.

    With that background, notation software is a trivial driver for GPO. Bring up a blank score, choose instruments, and start writing music! Nothing to it. (Ok, there's some initial setup required. RTFM.) Of course that fails to make use of a gazillion GPO features that require inserting special MIDI sequences, but notation software allows for that. (At least Sibelius does. I assume Finale must, too.) You can do that as you get more familiar with GPO.

    Notation software allows you to start producing really good sounds with GPO right out of the box with no technical knowledge whatsoever. Great for someone like me. (Note: Really good sounds. Really good MUSIC requires talent. Last I checked, Garritan was not able to provide that at any price. Ya gotta bring something of your own to the table. )

    Pat O'Keefe

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    Re: Ensemble Building

    Hi, Pokeefe - An inspiring post you put up. Thanks for it.

    --But--"...Just in case some potential Garritan user might be scared away by '... or if you're hopelessly academic--hehe, a notation program'..."

    --?--- It was just a silly joke about notation programs, but what I said was that you could have large ensembles with any good MIDI hosting program--sequencer or notation. That was my point.

    Sorry my little lame humor didn't sit well. I know that many people enjoy the methodical notation process, and some even get not only nice looking scores but good recordings. More power to them!


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    Re: Ensemble Building


    I think I took your humorous comment as intended, but I want to make sure others didn't take it too seriously. And thank you for not taking issue with my "know how to read manuals". I know said thing here that may hint otherwise. :-)


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