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Topic: Help with MIDI Controller

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    Help with MIDI Controller

    I recently purchased GPO 4.0 and am having difficulties being able to hear the notes in stand alone mode. I am using a Roland PC-200 MK II MIDI Keyboard Controller. I am coming out of the MIDI controller via an M-Audio USB connection. I have selected this in my preferences. When I play the keypad the "midi in" lights up on the M-Audio connection but does not sound anything audible.
    I am assuming I only need to come out of the MIDI controller and not in (there is no input). I checked the MIDI controller with other equipment and it works. I have also used this same USB set-up previously with Reason 2.5.

    What might be going on here? This is very frustrating!! I can play notes by clicking on the screen piano so I know that the software is working.

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    Re: Help with MIDI Controller

    Hi theebrujo and welcome to northernsounds.

    It's likely that GPO4 and the controller port haven't yet been told to talk to one another. In the Preferences menu (on Windows under the Tools menu; on Mac under the Aria Player menu), under MIDI Input, make sure that the M-Audio USB input is selected. Also be advised that Aria can receive information from more than one port at a time and will split messages according to their channel. Messages sent on Channel 1, which is typically the default transmit channel for controllers, will play through Channel 1 in Aria only. The slots default to Channels 1-16, in order, but you can easily switch them to Omni or different channels if needed. Refer to the Aria documentation included with GPO4 for more details.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Help with MIDI Controller

    Move the mod wheel. Unless GPO has changed since I bought it, that's your volume control.


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