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Topic: TQ on JABB Trumpets

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    TQ on JABB Trumpets

    I'm new to JABB & I'm working on a big band arrangement. Can anyone pleae tell me how to adjust the Tone Quality on the trumpets? Is there a CC for it? I'm trying to mellow the tone a bit. Thanks!

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    Re: TQ on JABB Trumpets

    You might also want to select a different trumpet from the lists as the tone varies, but basic warmth of tone is CC 26, and the centre frequency can be moved with CC 27 - although you probably won't need to do that.

    It's in the manual!


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    Re: TQ on JABB Trumpets

    Thanks, Barrie!

    Honestly, I did look at the manual, but it was late, after a long session, and I wasn't connecting "Tone Quality" with "Filter Level" - duh!

    Anyway, thanks for the quick response.



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