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Topic: gpo4 and automation

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    gpo4 and automation

    the manual refers to gpo4 as a plugin and says that it offers:

    'Easy automation of Garritan Personal Orchestra parameters in the music software program'

    however when i use it within Logic there seem to be NO parameters available for automation, and it doesn't even appear as an option when i go to automation view on the track.

    incidentally, what id like to do is automate the de-tuning of instruments through the song im recording.

    can anyone enlighten me? what does the manual mean when it says this?

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    Re: gpo4 and automation

    In the GPO4 graphic user interface, (GUI) there are four tabs on the right-hand side, the second one down is controls. Each knob has the midi control change, (CC) number next to it. Those are not going to show up as controllable features in Logic, but if you insert, (draw or play) those CC values into your appropriate midi track,... GPO's loaded instrument will respond.

    If you want to automate pitch, that is not a midi CC. As you may or may not know, some midi controllable features do not have CC numbers, pitchbend and aftertouch/monotouch are a few.

    The tuning in GPO's loaded instrument is just below the loaded instrument name. As far as I know, that is not controllable, and you wouldn't want it to be. You want to set that to the correct tuning for the project, then use pitchbend in your midi track to automate the pitch wavering.

    Another nice feature in GPO is VAR 1, turning up this knob and leaving it at one spot will randomly alter each note. Just be careful to not use so much that it sounds like the local junior high school orchestra.

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