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Topic: After Rain (soprano sax demo)

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    After Rain (soprano sax demo)

    I had the pleasure of doing this time a demo for soprano sax and string orchestra(+harp). Again, as might been noticed, these demos are for the VSL download instruments.

    After Rain

    As always, your comments are appreciated.



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    Smile Re: After Rain (soprano sax demo)

    Charming piece Music and Delightful sound..........

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    Re: After Rain (soprano sax demo)

    Guy, great work!
    I realy like hearing the sax in a nonstereotypical context, this is rather delightfull and it sounds ( on my laptop) very transparent and well defined.

    Are you doing demos for the entire Dload VSL download range?
    Have you taken on MIR yet?

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    Re: After Rain (soprano sax demo)

    Highly impressionistic, Guy! And very fairy-taleish! Congratulate!
    Petr Pololanik, M.A.
    Conductor, Orchestrator, Music Producer
    Capellen Music Production

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    Re: After Rain (soprano sax demo)

    Gorgeous piece, Guy!

    To me it felt like being on a cloud, accompanied by chirping birds, floating going down or up,
    enjoying the fresh air after the rain and passing at the end through a rainbow...

    Thanks for sharing!


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