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Topic: JABB set up, Kontact Player 2

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    JABB set up, Kontact Player 2

    Hello, I finally got my JABB and am starting to mess around with it. The sounds seem really good, and I'm anxious start working with them - but I have some really basic questions about setting up/routing in Kontact Player 2 and Logic Express 9 (which is basically like Logic 9 minus some sounds I've been told.) I'm new to using a player like this - most of the stuff I have done was in GB and Jam Packs and LE9 is fairly different from LE7, which I had used several years ago---so here is my question about Kontact Player 2: In Logic, I create multi-timbural instrument, that gives me 16 channels. I then go to audio strip, I/O and find Kontact which loads Garritan when opened -- Do I choose 16 channel stereo outs?? How do I know what I need?!? And then once Kontact is open and I want to create say, 16 instruments there, do I need to create a total 16 audio strips (looks like it creates aux strips...) and then somehow route those outs to be 1/2, 3/4, 5/6etc?? I'm not sure how to do this, but I'll keep reading.

    I've managed to create a 16 piece band essentially - and all the instruments are there and working - but back in my arrange window all 16 instruments are controlled at same time -- volume, pan, etc - all change if I change it one patch. There must be a way around this -- and since I am missing the engineer gene from my brain - I'm hoping some kind soul here can give me a basic lesson in setting up something like this or point me in a good reading direction.

    Thanks. Bob

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    Re: JABB set up, Kontact Player 2

    Never mind! I ACTUALLY FIGURED SOMETHING OUT!!! There will be more...I feel questions and big lessons in fall offs, rips, and other effects coming very soon.


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