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Topic: BPM Midi Tempo Detector ?

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    BPM Midi Tempo Detector ?


    There's a way to detect the tempo of a mp3 file and save the result in a .mid file ?
    Automatic or manually (clicking on the spacebar for example), a software who's able
    to do the same with classical music.

    Thanks !
    Mathieu Laprise

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    Re: BPM Midi Tempo Detector ?

    Most host software, cubase, sonar, samplitude, etc, have the "Tap tempo" feature. You can load the mp3 and while playing, tap the tempo. What host are you using?
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: BPM Midi Tempo Detector ?

    i'm using Sonar Producer 7 and yes I noticed the "Tap Tempo" feature but I usually need more than one. For example, the band is not always at 122 bpm : sometimes 123, 125, 121, ... so there's a way (feature, software, whatever) to let me tap while I listen the audio file and once it's done, it makes me a new tempo map ?

    Thanks !
    Mathieu Laprise

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    Re: BPM Midi Tempo Detector ?

    Hi, im not user of Sonar, but i believe is that with "AudioSnap" you can do that. You will need to ask the details, maybe the Sonar forum?
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: BPM Midi Tempo Detector ?

    Look up "Fit to improvisation" and good luck. I've heard it works but there must be something I'm missing because I've never been able to do it.


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