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Topic: Display Monitors - Widescreen Or 14:3

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    Display Monitors - Widescreen Or 14:3

    Presently I have a 19 inch (4:3) monitor and am interested in going to a 22 inch widescreen (16:9/16:10) monitor. I do realise that any possible benefits depends on the use of the monitor. I just use it mainly for my music and scores and other general use.

    I know some people use dual or triple monitors when working on their scores and tracks but my preference is to have just the single monitor.

    I have heard that widescreen monitors do elongate the display and as such can cause distortion. Had anyone made the changeover and did it cause any problems or is it hardly noticeable. Also, it does seem that manufacturers are moving away from 14:3 and producing more widescreens.

    I would appreciate any input.

    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Display Monitors - Widescreen Or 14:3

    They only distort if you have the wrong resolution selected. That is, you use a 4:3 setting.

    Use the monitors native resolution for the best results. If the text is too small, the scaling technology in Windows 7 is very good. That said, older programs that don't support scaling, may be too small to read, or if they get scaled, may look fuzzy.

    I'm really hating the 16:9 trend. It's too wide IMHO. When 16:10 came along, you got more monitor for your money. The vertical resolution stayed the same and you got more horizontal. With the 16:9, the horizontal is staying the same and you lose vertical. So, you're getting less monitor for your money.

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    Re: Display Monitors - Widescreen Or 14:3

    I got wonderful stands for my 23" wide-screen monitors.
    They swivel 90 degrees, so I can have the monitor vertically or horizontally.
    One quick key combo on my keyboard and OS automatically switches the view 90 degrees.
    This is absolutely wonderful when working on an orchestral score. I can see a whole page without needing to scroll down or zoom out to an impossible resolution.

    And no, there is absolutely no distortion nor stretching. The proportions on-screen are identical.. I just have more desktop space to view it in now.

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    Re: Display Monitors - Widescreen Or 14:3

    I use a 30 inch Mac screen. I used to use 3 monitors - 2 x 17 inch Macs and a 20 inch Mac.

    I'm just about to put the 20 inch Cinema Display Mac screen on eBay. It's been sitting in it's box for about 2 years - I sold the 17 inch ones last year and never got around to selling the 20 inch. It's perfect but only 20 inch.

    The Mac 30 inch screen is great for Photoshop.

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    Re: Display Monitors - Widescreen Or 14:3

    Like QCowboy, I have a 24" widescreen monitor that rotates. It's wonderful when working with Finale. I can view an entire orchestral score page without scrolling. Then when I switch to part layout, I switch my zoom level and view that page at a huge viewing percentage. It's very easy on the eyes. No distortion at all.

    When I want to work in a sequencer in piano roll, it rotates back to horizontal view very easily.


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    Re: Display Monitors - Widescreen Or 14:3

    Craig Michel, Paul and Jeff,

    Many thanks to you all for your replies. I'm convinced.

    Will order my new 22 inch very soon.

    Thanks again everyone. Much appreciated.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Display Monitors - Widescreen Or 14:3

    I recently built a new system and replaced my 17" flat screen with a 21.5" 1920x1080 monitor. XP automatically widened the desktop with no distortion, no problem whatsoever.

    I deliberately got a wide monitor because I use Sibelius and was forever scrolling back and forth and up and down to see what I was doing. And there was no place to put GPO's mixer and other little windows or menus except on top of the score, so I was always moving them out of the way. Now I see two pages at a time -- or more if I reduce size -- along with a vertical mixer and the playback device.

    There is still not quite enough room on the screen for everything I'd like to put there, but then there is not enough room on my desk for a larger monitor. The convenience improvement is drastic. You'll love it.

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    Re: Display Monitors - Widescreen Or 14:3

    My new 22 inch monitor is now sitting in front of me and I'm really pleased I made the change. I opted for the Samsung SyncMaster 2243 BW and it's superb; no faulty pixels and an amazing display.

    It looks so big.

    You were all spot on with your input.

    Thanks everyone.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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