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Topic: The "We're not attending NAMM" thread

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    The "We're not attending NAMM" thread

    Every year people ask us if we're attending NAMM.
    After some consideration, we always decide not to.
    Since we currently are dealing direct downloads, and NAMM is for retailers and the public only gets to hope for rumors and youtube videos to pop up.
    So, besides meeting a lot of people in our industry in person, attending is kinda pointless for us at this time.

    But, we can skip them, and just go straight to you, the ones that really matter to us.
    So if you can deal without any fancy presentations, I'll proceed to share what is coming from Lyrical Distortion this upcoming year.

    You can expect to see more Extravaganza libraries popping up throughout the year.
    The rest that follows, focuses on bigger, better, true next generation libraries that pushes the envelope further than ever before

    the Stef
    features a ESP Custom Shop SC7 "Stephen Carpenter" seven string
    You want Bone Crushing Brutal? or just down right Heavy?
    This isn't a one shoe fits all type guitar library, so those that are considering this better beware:
    This will stomp yours and your listening audience's head in - hard.
    The Stef features three distinct guitars with a different pick up
    - Guitar 1 with a Seymour Duncan Invader pickup
    - Guitar 2 with a Seymour Duncan Custom7 pickup
    - Guitar 3 with a Seymour Duncan Blackout pickup
    Each Guitar allows for double tracking.
    Further more, each guitar also comes with a Direct and an "Out of the Box" Amped versions.
    Why both? Because both have their pros and their cons. Direct has a flexibility to dial in the tone you want. Amped delivers a sound a vst can't out of the box.
    So both are very useful to use.
    In a nut shell, you get up to 6 guitars to layer with Direct, and 6 guitars to layer with the Amped.

    features a 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst
    These guitars are known to change from a silverburst to a greenburst with age
    It is also believed this transition to greenburst effects the tone as well.
    This Les Paul was outfitted with a Seymour Duncan JB J pickup
    This setup is identical to that of Adam Jones of Tool
    The features are similar to the Stef with 3 guitars, that each can double track
    As well as direct and amped versions. Naturally there will be a Lateralus/10,000 type tone out of the box.

    the Soloist

    features a 1985 Jackson Soloist Custom
    This was made when it was the original small company, that only made guitars on a custom made basis.
    When we stumbled upon this guitar, we instantly declared "We have to sample this!"
    The Soloist features one guitar that can double track (it is a soloist after all )
    As well as direct and amped

    Kudos to those that instantly figured this one out.
    For those it shot over their heads. DG stands for David Gilmour
    And for those of you that don't know, David Gilmour is the guitarist of Pink Floyd
    This is the pinnacle of making a guitar collection for me personally.
    The DG collection will feature:
    Fender "Black Strat"
    Fender "Candy Apple Red Strat" w/ EMG actives
    Fender Telecaster
    Gibson Les Paul w/ P90 single coil pickups
    Lap Steel guitar
    This collection is in the style of, and will come in direct and "sounds like" out of the box amped sounds

    There are others that are in the works, that may or may not make it this year. So I'll pass on them for now

    And lastly, a teaser for the next year, that we will yet again tease you with next year at this time that it's coming that year.
    Originally, way back many years, everyone claimed guitar samples couldn't be done good.
    I took it as challenge to prove everyone wrong.
    I've always walked to a beat of a different drummer, and I'm constantly pushing the envelope forward.
    The field for a guitar sample library was essentially wide open back then.
    Since creating the original Lyrical Distortion library, the playing field has completely changed.
    Now everyone and their brother is producing guitar libraries.
    With these above true next generation guitar libraries, they will cement it's legacy when it comes electric guitar libraries.

    However, it was never my intent for Lyrical Distortion to only put out guitar libraries.
    I met the guitar challenge head on. It is time for us to move on to another challenge that everyone claims can't be done.
    Whether we accomplish our claim or not will be a matter of opinion, but something seriously awesome will still come out of it.
    And on that note, I leave you with this to ponder our challenge we're staring down for the next year...
    "The One To Rule Them All"

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    Re: The "We're not attending NAMM" thread

    I've exhibited at Namm since 89. It has been kinda funny over the years at the number of people who rent booths there who don't even sell to stores at this "closed to the public" show. One well known VI developer guy was there one year at a table booth right down the way from Steingberg and Cakewalk and I was browsing around and asked him for his dealer pricing info. His response was, "we don't sell to stores or dealers" !!! While I remained gracious, my thought was "why are you here?" "Who do you plan to sell to" All the Orange county rock guitar teens who sneak into the show ?

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