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Topic: Articulations in GPO4 (Aria)

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    Articulations in GPO4 (Aria)

    In the manual for GPO4, i read that ...
    "Keyswitches remain active until another Keyswitch message is received. When the appropriate note on the Garritan Personal Orchestra ARIA Player is pressed, it automatically switches to the
    corresponding articulation."

    Now, thats all fine and dandy but, if i wanted to use, say, trills at a perticular part of my composition, how would i input these in the same channel as i have, say... Auto alternate?

    When i use the keyswitch to set a different articulation, all notes in that channel also change to the same keyswitch command.

    Do i need to use a differents channel for each keyswitch, or am i missing something or translating wrong from the manual?

    Hope someone can explain this to me.

    Many thanks for your assistance,


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    Re: Articulations in GPO4 (Aria)

    Hi Scar,

    Yeah, if you have a couple instruments sharing a channel and you send the keyswitch, they'll change. You can switch back by sending the auto-alternate key right after the trill. Just write the keyswitch notes into your score/piano roll.

    If it's a case where you have two violin parts sharing one channel, I'd recommend giving them each their own channel, but if that's not possible you can do some really precise placement of the keyswitch note in the midi list so that it goes

    Auto-alternate notes
    1 or 2 midi ticks from where the last auto alternate note starts, a really short (several ticks long) keyswitch note
    The note(s) to be trilled
    1 or 2 ticks from where the last trill note starts, a really short KS note back to alternations
    More alternating notes

    Keyswitch articulation choices are processed at note-on events, so changing the KS with a note already playing will not affect it.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Articulations in GPO4 (Aria)

    Hi, Reegs,
    Thanks for the quick response.
    Looking like i may have to input another instance of ARIA in there.
    I only have the one instrument in the channel, but it seems as though you cannot change certain notes without having the same effect carried across to the other notes in that channel.
    There is a way, and thats to hit the keyswitch as you are recording but, if you have two or more channels requiring the keyswitch at precisely the same time....

    Oh well, i'll play around with a few ideas and see where i end up.

    Thanks again for your input, Reegs.


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