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Topic: Tenor drum or facsimile in GPO4

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    Tenor drum or facsimile in GPO4

    I need a tenor drum, which I do not see in the instrument list in either GPO4 or earlier versions. I use GP04 with Sibelius 6. GPO helpfully substitutes a bass drum for the tenor. But I already have a bass on another staff.

    I tried using the snare KS, but all I hear is the side drum with snare. I see in the manual that there are switches for non-snare drum, but how do I get that effect? The manual is opaque on this topic. I have read the keyswitch explanation on page 54 about five times and cannot interpret where the KS menu selections are located in ARIA.

    Have any other explorers found it?

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    Re: Tenor drum or facsimile in GPO4

    Hi Doug,

    Keyswitches are located on the Aria keyboard in red. Click (or play the note on your keyboard) to hear the effect. I checked, and it seems that in GPO4 the without snares option was removed from the Snare Drum KS as a keyswitch. Now, they are the A and A# right below the with snare B and C. They are also still present in the Basic Orchestra Percussion patch. Right above the timpani, you'll find the single strike and a press roll.


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