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Topic: De Nombreuses Conversations

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    De Nombreuses Conversations

    I'm new here so be gentle...

    This is my first composition with (entirely) GPO4. Short and simple but I think illustrates how quickly one can put together a fairly nice sounding piece right out of the box. Here I use Full Strings Sus&Short, Viola KS (staccato figures), Cello KS, Dbl Bass Solo KS for the strings. French Horn Solo KS, Flute Solo KS, English Horn Solo KS and BB Clarinet Solo patches for the woods and brass. There was relatively little modulation work (mostly decays) and no pitch bending etc. The only plug that I used was Altiverb 6 (6 instances) for ambience. Took 15 minutes to compose, 10 minutes to load up instruments, 30 minutes for playing (Roland A-37), 20 minutes for... er... corrections, 10 minutes mix&master. GPO4 is a dream come true!


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    Re: De Nombreuses Conversations

    Hi John,

    Welcome to the Garritan Forum on Northern Sounds!

    You're very fast! It's simple, but you keep it interesting to listen to. I like the interplay between instrument groups.

    If I may make a suggestion on the mix, it's very dry. Using a bit more reverb and backing off on the dry signal will let the individual instruments melt together better. Right now they sound very upfront and in your face instead of from a stage source.

    Nice piece. I hope you post many more!


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    Re: De Nombreuses Conversations

    Hello John and Welcome to the Forum!
    This is a great start and sounds like your are having lots of fun! I liked the lines in the woodwinds, and the GPO4 winds are very good and I can tell you enjoy them too.
    Thanks for posting, I look forward to many more!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: De Nombreuses Conversations

    Thank you for the kinid words. I was afraid too much reverb would kill the detail of the woods/brass but I just upp'ed it and found that the details held their own while the piece now has more "life".

    I was definetly suprised at how realistic GPO is without even doing any fancy controller work. It is definitely an asset - especially for the price! And no bugs that I can see!

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    Re: De Nombreuses Conversations


    Nice composition, nice layering and alternation, and a very fast realisation. An impressive hello.

    With respect to the sound: it's good, but some of the longer woodwind notes could use some modulation (especially the English horn or Oboe line that can be heard at start and end), or a very low attack velocity, and the full string patch sounds a bit harsh. You could try to lower the mod wheel a bit on that track and increase the volume in the mixer to compensate. I would have used a bit more reverb, but if you like your mixes dry, that's fine too.

    And don't be afraid: people here are rather kind and cooperative. It's almost as if it isn't part of the internet...


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    Re: De Nombreuses Conversations

    Very nice work John!

    Much enjoyed your music, enthusiasm, and quick creativity!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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