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Topic: A communicator with a stereo sound?

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    A communicator with a stereo sound?

    Does anyone of you know any (preferably free) communicator with a stereo sound? You know, like Skype for example, but with a stereo audio? It would be great if it could send a video with stereo sound, but I can't find even an audio chat program with stereo. Maybe someone of you guys have supervised a recording session and is familiar with such a program? Oh, and it has to be for PC.
    I would really appreciate if you could share any info.

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    Re: A communicator with a stereo sound?

    I use skype on a Mac and often do private tutorial training sessions and pipe the sound into Skype, but of course it's mono.

    If you find something please post it here..

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    Re: A communicator with a stereo sound?

    Men, did you try this ? www.orb.com

    Free, easy to install, easy to understand, you can share your pictures, your videos, audio files, document files and you know what ? Your TV tuner !! Around the world, via email or mycast.orb.com account, it's as simple as I will click Submit Reply in some seconds...

    The best is there's an application for the iphone or itouch .. not free however. Anyway, I made a test with a friend : i'm from Canada, she was in England and was able to watch french tv from my home !

    And yes .. stereo sound !
    Mathieu Laprise

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