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Topic: What do you think about Akai >> GS conversion ??

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    What do you think about Akai >> GS conversion ??

    As some of you may know (since I’ve been coming to this forum several times in a few days), I plan to purchase a GS station very soon now.
    But I’m a bit worried today, because somebody just told me that \" the Akai to Giga conversion is not the smoothest one \"… (and it’s a professionnal who could hope to sell me right now an Akai version of a cd which also exists in GS format…).
    I happen to own many Akai cds, which -I hope-would make a satisfactory starting library, thus allowing me to build the GS library of my dreams at a reasonable pace, and so it would be a big loss if I had to just forget them because of translation issues…
    Therefore, I’d REALLY appreciate people like me (previous akai cd users) to tell me ALL the truth (good or bad) about what they experienced when converting their sounds to Giga, AND about the result\'s quality.
    It’ll make my sleep better ! !
    PS : Also, from what I read here and there on this forum, it seems that a few people have had very unpleasant issues after converting akai cds (GS refusing to launch, GS confused, whole system to be re-built, etc...)
    Is it common rule, or exceptionnal bad luck ?

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    Re: What do you think about Akai >> GS conversion ??

    It really depends on the library itself. I haven\'t had any real problems converting the Akai Libraries I bought. The only thing I had to do was delete \"extra\" copies of instruments...or atleast combine similar instruments (using the same samples) into one instrument to save space. Other than that, its been fine for me

    Really...I am an Idiot

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