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Topic: PMI Emperor + EXS24

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    PMI Emperor + EXS24


    i use the PMI Emperor with Logics EXS 24 Sampler (Logic Pro 9).
    with the "emperor full" Patch, i am missing a tone when i press the key A-1 (the farest key on the left side on a 88 masterkeyboard), when the pedal is held down.
    when i let the key go, i hear the release sample playing, but nothing happens when i press the key down.
    also when i press the key down first and then press the pedal down, i`ll get the sustained sound.
    without the pedal pressed, everything works well again.

    when i load the "12 vel down" patch, i don`t get any sound on this key at all.

    all other patches seams to work fine here.

    so i think there must be something wrong with the EXS Instrument Patches.

    i have scanned my harddisk with redmaticas exsManager Pro, so there are no missing samples.

    Sampletekk has send my email to Michiel Post, the creator of this library. he asked me back if i have installed all of the updates and yes, i have.

    since then, i don`t get any response to my problem

    any ideas please ?

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    Re: PMI Emperor + EXS24

    Just back from NAMM and really far behind on my emails. Anyway, I would simply open the EXS editor and check if a region is assigned there, if not simply extend the next available region to cover the note.

    There were a couple of notes on the piano that did not play at the lowest velocity level played. Since this is a faithful reproduction of that specific model piano the sample could be a slice of recorded silence
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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