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Topic: Suggestions and help, please

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    Question Suggestions and help, please

    I haven't been on the forums since June, so I don't know if anybody remembers me... the ultimate in self-taught beginners. Got distracted by real life, and am just now starting to come back.

    I have a piece I'm working on called "Come to the Hills", and it's the first piano accompaniment that I've created. I'm happy with it as it is, but the problem is the song has four verses and simply repeating the piano accompaniment gets tiresome after a while. I mean, I like the way it sounds, but after awhile I want something different. Proof positive that even something you like can be overdone.

    So I'm looking for suggestions on what to do... run the same accompaniment with different instruments such as hammered dulcimer, drop the piano after the first verse and replace with different accompaniment, or keep the piano part and layer other instruments on it? Or something completely different?

    The file below shows what I have to date. It's nothing but a flute (which will be replaced by a singer) and a piano accompaniment. I haven't spent much time on the rendering because it's all going to change, so what's the point? But my question isn't about the rendering anyway, its about the arrangement.


    ALL suggestions are welcome. I'm looking for alternatives, here.

    Oh, and I'm still using the Kontakt 2 version of GPO3.

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    Re: Suggestions and help, please

    Hey HongKongCV,
    I don't think I've ever talked with you, but I do remember seeing you around.

    Your decision on what to do next depends on how accessible you want your piece to be for live performance. If you only plan on recording it, you can do whatever you want, but if you plan on having it performed live or releasing a score for performance, I would recommend keeping it to just piano accompaniment and making it more interesting within. I would suggest the latter.

    Depending on what the words are for each verse, you can decide dynamics and then a way to orchestrate that on piano.

    Just a few suggestions that come to mind right away:

    1. Your piece has pretty full accompaniment, so a very effective way to change things up quickly is by changing to a higher register. The higher register on the piano is obviously much lighter as I'm sure you know, so it would fit well with a quiet dynamic, fitting a softer verse/subject. If you need a stronger verse, you can change to a low register with a strong bassline, and change your chord voicing to be much more full.

    2. You can change your harmony for a verse, perhaps on a pivotal line in the lyrics. This will really make it stand out.

    3. You can change the accompaniment to something more contrapuntal instead of chordal for a verse. That way you can keep the same harmonic structure but imply a much different idea.

    I hope that helped somewhat. I'm sure more will be along with more suggestions. Good luck!


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