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Topic: Beneath (Part III of III)

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    Beneath (Part III of III)

    Hello again!

    Here I have finally finished a piece I started a couple weeks before Halloween. The second part, which I posted a week or two ago, has had a couple very minor changes, thanks to some comments and suggestions from the last posting, to improve the sound quality a bit.

    The third part, which I am posting for the first time now, has a few sections that I attempted to go out of my comfort zone on, thanks largely to the advice of etLux.

    If you want to skip to the link below, now, I wouldn't blame you, as the next paragraph or two will just be me ranting about some of the details of the piece.

    This song is heavily based on themes I developed on the piano in my spare time. Unusually more so than most of my compositions. The first theme is introduced right at the beginning at 0:20 of part I, and is featured in every proceeding part. The next theme introduced at 1:30 was developed for my love of well-placed dissonance. It is featured in part I and III. There is a third, contrasting theme at 3:10 of the first part that I used in variations in parts II and III as well. The final theme of part 1 is near the end at 3:25. Simple as it is, I really enjoy the depth it provides. This theme was based on my favorite chord modulation of C minor to Ab Major.

    Part II only introduces one new theme at 0:45. This theme is used in various places throughout part II. One of the hard-to-catch tidbits that you might find interesting about part II is the last 10 or so measures are the same as the first, only written backwards.

    Part III, as I said, I tried to write a bit out of my comfort zone. I would consider piano solos, key changes, and accelerandos to all be out of my comfort zone Part III starts quite similar to part I as it recapitulates some of the themes. The biggest difference is that the original theme is introduced in a very slow tempo and in major tonality, as opposed to the original minor and moderately paced version. My personal favorite section of this piece is 1:45, where I try to emulate sort of a crystal-like feel without using windchimes (partly because I don't have a windchimes sample, and partly because that would be too easy!).

    When it's all said and done, it is about 14 minutes in length. I really hope you enjoy the listen, and thanks to everyone who has followed this one as I began the posts a couple months ago!

    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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    Re: Beneath (Part III of III)

    Hi Michael,
    A lot of effort here. I'm not an avid follower of Phillip Glass, but the nature of the music seems too be there. That's not bad....
    In the 1st movement it seems like the piano & clarinet are too close.
    It seemed better in the 3rd.
    What sounds are you using for the clarinet? It sounds a bit weak.
    In the last measure of the 3rd, it sounds like an abrupt ending. Maybe repeating the final phrase at a slower tempo going to a hold at the end.

    A lot of good work


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    Re: Beneath (Part III of III)

    Hey Gary, thanks for your reply, and patience in listening to all three parts. (I don't know about you, but sitting and listening to music while doing nothing else can be difficult, unless I'm in the mood for it )

    First, I'll address the clarinet, since you reminded me that I hadn't mentioned what instruments I used in my original post. All instruments, save the vibraphone, are from GPO for Finale '08. The Vibes are just a MIDI sound (SoftSynth) that came with Finale. I certainly agree that whenever I write using this clarinet, it can sound weak, especially in the higher registers (anything much above the E-G range an octave above middle-C). I'm not sure if there's an easy way to fix this or not because I've never really been able to follow the mastering process very well.

    However, I've noticed there have been a lot of really really nice topics in General Discussion lately that have been about sound mastering, and apart from reminding me how friggin' awesome this forum is, they've given me some nice advice. Since I typically adjust my wet/dry settings independently on files (all the parts to Beneath were written separately), they can be inconsistent, which is likely the result of the piano and clarinet sounding too close in part one. (I would have never thought to check wet/dry settings before I read one of the General posts by DPDAN) I'd noticed that the clarinet had sounded unnaturally loud, but figured it was just a dynamic marking issue, until that didn't fix it...then I had no idea

    Anyways, I'm glad you took the time to listen, and very happy you liked the material. Thanks for your helpful comments!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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