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Topic: Evening swansong and Hazy Meadows

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    Evening swansong and Hazy Meadows

    These pieces are the sister pieces for "Morning Twilight" - thanks for all of the positive comments on my pieces so far.

    Please let me know what you guys make of these new efforts - they're short but sweet (I think).

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    Re: Evening swansong and Hazy Meadows

    Hello Reuben,

    Eerie and foreboding, with a touch of lament. I like . Excellent subtle use of the choirs. Also, good chordal support and use of the full orchestra.

    The stuff around 2:00 is a great development in the short piece, and I think you should expand it, or at least have the orchestra crescendo on that last chord. The trumpet when it enters could lead that line more too, with stronger, more defined attacks (at least, that's how I'd play it).

    Hazy Meadows:
    Very cinematic! The held pedal on the end is really creative.


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    Re: Evening swansong and Hazy Meadows

    Hi there Reuben!

    I liked this piece - you have a great way of moving the thing along - you are making great use of the powers of GPO4 and have a terrific knack for getting the orchestra to speak for you.
    Good work!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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