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Topic: A Sunday Afternoon - a new style for me

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    A Sunday Afternoon - a new style for me

    Just passing this along for you enjoyment.


    Writing music for the joy of it. (with Windows 7 64bit, Intel i7 processor, 12GB memory, LOTS of disk space, Finale 2014, Garritan GPO, JABB3, COMB, Steinway, World Instruments, & Soundiron Olympus Micro Choir. And if I ever figure out how to use Sonar X2...the sky's the limit)

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    Re: A Sunday Afternoon - a new style for me

    Hello there, Mitch.

    I believe this is the first piece I've heard from you...ever

    This is quite enjoyable, and has a lot of nice melodic material. Very relaxed in feel, and I commend your work with the choir, I've always found it difficult to write for choir, especially as bare (but good) as you have shown in the beginning of this piece.

    I usually don't mention anything about the sound-quality of a piece, since I'm really no expert in mastering, but I couldn't help but notice the wet/dry level in this. It seems a little too wet for my taste, but it certainly adds to the feel of being a piece that has a lot of its roots in modern churches

    Anyways, thanks for posting, I certainly enjoyed this one!
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    Re: A Sunday Afternoon - a new style for me

    Hi Mitch,

    And a lovely sunday afternoon it is indeed!

    I enjoyed the theme and you used it well with the different instruments and choir.

    I would say this style is one you are good at!

    Thanks for posting.


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