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Topic: "Repeat That Cliche #2"

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    Smile "Repeat That Cliche #2"

    Here's my first composition for 2010. It's actually the first completed piece in over 1 year. (I hope to do more music writing this year!)

    Anyway, it's titled "Repeat That Cliche #2". It's a pop-progressive rock piece. It utilizes the various instrumental sound libraries including the Garritan JABB, Kirk Hunter's strings from his Diamond Orchestral library, and Music Lab's RealStrat and RealLPC. The sequencing/audio program used is Apple's Logic Pro 9.02.

    The composition is what it is. I'm just happy to write some notes down on manuscript paper and actually FINISH a project! However, please feel free to comment on the mix-down. I can easily adjust the mix if it's warrented.

    Here's the link: Repeat That Cliche #2


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: "Repeat That Cliche #2"

    Hi efiebke!
    I like it very much, especially the theme. I wouldn't be able to write such e piece ever .
    If I were you, I would remove the strings. In my opinion they sound very deaf and really artificially. Maybe you should replace them by another instrument? The piece would surely gain in liveliness.
    All this IMHO.


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    Re: "Repeat That Cliche #2"

    Very nice, I like it very much. Would be great to hear with
    live guitars.


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    Re: "Repeat That Cliche #2"

    That's some really nice writing, Mister Ted! It sounds professional. Cool melody and changes. Great bass work. Don't take away anything from it. It is fine as it is. I really like it!

    I suggest that you also post it in the "Listening Room" section where you would undoubtedly have a larger audience.

    What cliche'?

    My Best,
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: "Repeat That Cliche #2"

    Hello, Mr. Larry!

    Hope all is well with you. Yep. This is the FIRST completed compositional project in over 1 year! I can't let those so-called "compositional skills" atrophy. Most of this piece was writing pencil to paper in attempt to work out the chord voicings, etc. It's a lot of work! LOL!

    Thank you for your listen, sir. It sincerely means a lot to me. I know that I've said this before, but your one of my music composition heros and take your comments seriously (with all of the humor that may be added! ).

    What cliche, you ask?? Well. . . I took one harmony class at Berklee (a really LONG time ago) that talked about cliche chord progressions like I-vi-ii-v-i. A while back I decided that whenever I use a familiar chord progression, that's probably been used a billion times throughout musical history, I would possibly name that composition "Repeat that Cliche #____" It saves a lot of time and effort coming up with a title of a piece! LOL! Eventually, though, I'll probably re-name these compositions something different.

    Take care, Mr. Larry, and Happy Composing!




    Thank you for your listen! Someday I hope to print this piece out as a chart for live musicians to play. This would, of course, include live guitar players. I just don't know anyone right now to lay down any guitar tracks! LOL I don't play guitar so I cheat and use these nifty guitar programs by Music Lab (RealStrat and RealLPC). Actually, with a little time and effort, they can sound fairly decent. I was just going for a pseudo-guitar part sound, I guess. During the "C-section" of the piece, there should be some a lot of improvisational playing going on. My improvisational chops are a bit rusty, I'm afraid! LOL! Someday, hopefully, real guitar players will play this piece along with other real-live musicians.

    Cheers. . .



    And thank you for your listen! It's much appreciated!

    I was experimenting with the choice of reverb types and levels with this piece. I think that I might try a different reverb setting for the strings that, hopefully, might make them sound more real. The string library found in the Kirk Hunter orchestral libraries are really phenomenal, in my most humble opinion. I am sure that I am not doing these particular string libraries justice. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    Take care!
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: "Repeat That Cliche #2"


    Since this does indeed use a Garritan Product, why didn't you post it in the regular listening room?

    I know how difficult it can sometimes be to mix libraries and have them sound like they are not from different universes. This one does come together pretty good, but sometimes the strings just don't seem to fit in well in the sounds. They seem like they are in a larger space than everything else. I also know what that means to try to fix that, so I wouldn't even try myself.

    As always, I enjoy your compositions and welcome your pen to the new decade.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: "Repeat That Cliche #2"

    Ron -

    Thank you for the listen, Ron!

    I'm going to "tweek" the string's reverb. I actually used a totally different (more "warmer" and more "reverbery" LOL!) reverb plug-in for the strings. My thinking was an attempt to place them "back" farther in the mix. It does seem, though, that they're recorded in a totally different environment, though. Back to the mix!

    Take care, Ron!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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