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Topic: Garritan/Logic basics

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    Garritan/Logic basics

    Hello - I just purchased JABB and am going to be using it in Logic Express 9, and I'm a little worried about some basic learning curve things. I had used LE7 quite a bit, but have been doing stuff in Garage Band lately, so I may have a little curve just getting up to speed with Logic, and I'm a little worried about the Kontact player and all that stuff -- I've mostly used Jam Packs, and before that -- had external gear...I would just like to get up to speed as quickly as I can because I'm already behind the 8 ball with this project. Thanks for your help! Bob

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    Re: Garritan/Logic basics

    what exactly are you having trouble with?

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    Re: Garritan/Logic basics

    Quote Originally Posted by BenNichols View Post
    what exactly are you having trouble with?
    Thanks for responding...I'm not really having trouble YET. I'm just anticipating trouble or at least a learning curve, and I'm already behind in this project I've yet to start. Basically, I just bought some new stuff - a new computer (which is great and presents no obstacles) and I've updated from Logic Express 7 to LE9 and I know I have some new stuff to learn there, and then I purchased JABB and still waiting for it to be delivered. Basically, my experience with plug ins is limited. I was doing some stuff in Garage Band, and most of the sounds I used were from Jam Packs -- I just have a little worry about learning this Kontact Player 4, which is what I need for JABB and combined with LE9, I would just like to be doing some reading or youtube-ing to get a jump start on wrapping my brain around the new stuff. Thanks! Bob

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    Re: Garritan/Logic basics

    you don't need Kontakt 4 for JABB,
    it comes with it's own player.

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    Re: Garritan/Logic basics

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN View Post
    you don't need Kontakt 4 for JABB,
    it comes with it's own player.
    That would be nice - one less thing to worry about...but when I purchased from Garritan, and asked if it works okay with LE9, said to call Native Instruments and make sure that it can work with their new player. Native said to install JABB normally then download their free player Kontact 4...This is all kind of Greek to me...

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    Re: Garritan/Logic basics

    See if this helps...a bit aged, as I mentioned, but may help,



    Great to have you on chat today!
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    Re: Garritan/Logic basics

    I have Logic Pro 9, but it's my understanding that Logic 9 LE is fairly similar. If that's the case, it's relatively easy to set up the Kontakt Player (any version) and other sample programs like the Garritan Aria to work with Logic. There are some good videos on the subject that can be found on YouTube. Also, check out the following web site which is primarily focused on the Logic program: Logic Pro Help

    I'm a very happy user of Logic, although there does exist a bit of a learning curve to get the program up and running with your instrumental plug-ins. But it's a lot easier in Logic 9 than Logic 7 in my opinion.

    Good luck. . .
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    Re: Garritan/Logic basics

    Thanks for your responses -- and Jeff -- I'm originally from Marion, Indiana -- so we can talk about I-37 next time in chat.

    And yes, as far as I know Express is supposed to be very similar to Pro, just missing some of the bells and whistles that go deeper into the program I think. I basically knew my way around LE7 so I hope it won't be too difficult to pick up 9. The main difference is when I was using 7, it was with an external sound canvas, and as I said, I've used jampacks in GB and the other sounds that come with that program. Do you think I should try to use the JABB with whatever player it comes with and not download Kontact 4 first? I saw one example on youtube that looked like they were using Aria with Logic, is that what comes with JABB?

    Okay - I'll try not to panic much! Thanks!

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    Re: Garritan/Logic basics

    Bob -

    I would strongly suggest that you use the player that comes along with JABB. I believe that the Kontakt Player version that comes with JABB is Kontakt Player 2. The more recent Kontakt Player versions (versions 3 and 4) may work well with JABB, but they may not. Hopefully someone here could help address this particular concern.

    Unfortunately, Aria doesn't include JABB yet. It's my understanding that eventually the Aria Player will host the JABB library. If this is the case, there definitely is no time table to when the Aria Player will be available for the JABB library. Currently, the only libraries that works with the Aria Player is the Steinway Piano and GPO (Garritan Personal Orchestra). For me, GPO is solid with the Aria Player.
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    Re: Garritan/Logic basics

    Okay, I'll wait to download the Kontact 4 that was suggested. I'm not exactly sure why Garritan thought it might not work with LE9...maybe just not sure of the program. One thing that worries me after reading some of the forums here and at Logic is the modulation wheel stuff...how do I learn exactly what I need to do with that?!? Having been acoustic player most of my life, I try to ignore those wheels over there!!

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