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Topic: Omnisphere output bug Cubase 5.1 (confirm?)

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    Omnisphere output bug Cubase 5.1 (confirm?)

    I have a large project running Omni (all updates), Cubase 5 (current version), and Windows 7 64bit.

    All Omni outputs are activated in Cubase but certain patches/channels will only output to Omnisphere A desipte changes in Omni's mixer. Although when assigned to A the patch seems louder than when assigned to other outputs.

    I've tried to reassign things, reload plugins, et al. Can anyone confirm this? I'm at a loss and can't mix until I figure out a workaround.

    The patche I have trouble with is Gates of Oblivion....

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    Re: Omnisphere output bug Cubase 5.1 (confirm?)

    Damn.... I'm an idiot. The aux was bumped up and outputs to Omni A.

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