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Topic: Standalone Mode

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    Standalone Mode

    How do I access it?? The manual says go to Tools Menu

    Can't find it :-(

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    Re: Standalone Mode

    Standalone mode is when you run Aria outside of a sequencer or notation host (not as a VST, AU, or RTAS plugin). If you launch the Aria player from the program files (Windows) or applications forlder (Mac), you're in standalone mode, and a tools menu should be available.

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    Re: Standalone Mode

    Where IS the tools menu? ie: where is it located?

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    Re: Standalone Mode

    Quote Originally Posted by earl j macey View Post
    Where IS the tools menu? ie: where is it located?
    It should be next to File, at the top. It only shows up in standalone mode.

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    Re: Standalone Mode

    Then I do not seem to be in Standalone. There is no Tools next to the File

    I have reinstalled twice and it isn't there.. :-(

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    Re: Standalone Mode

    Are you Mac or PC? If Mac, check under the ARIA Player listing to find an option called preferences? This will probably bring up the same menu.

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    Re: Standalone Mode


    Is "The render offline "what I'm looking for? If so, the docs must be referring to the PC version...

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    Re: Standalone Mode

    On OS X, "Render offline" and "Preferences" are under "ARIA Player" in the menu bar, On Windows they are under "Tools"
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    Re: Standalone Mode

    Thanks for confirming... :-)

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