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Topic: vst on solid state?

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    vst on solid state?

    would i have allot of benifit if i installed omnisphere on a solid state drive?

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    Re: vst on solid state?

    Sure, it'll load a lot faster too. :-)

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    Re: vst on solid state?

    will get an ssd then, load strictly windows 7 64 bit, omnisphere and my daw apps.
    just wanna make sure its worth the 200$ right now, as ive been making some large multis and loading sometimes 500 meg samples isnt my idea of.. quick.

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    Re: vst on solid state?

    If you plan on loading Window 7 plus libraries, get a minimum of a 128GB drive. Windows 7 definitely needs more room to grown than what XP required. So your looking more at $400 for a decently quick drive. Also, pay attention to the speeds of the drives.


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    Re: vst on solid state?

    Does anyone know if i can install a SSD into the empty Optical drive bay in my 8core Mac?

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    Re: vst on solid state?

    well i wouldnt be installing any applications on the drive just windows 7 + omni, live 8 and cubase 5, i was hoping a 64 gb would do the trick but i think i might wait till they come down in price before i go buy.

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    Re: vst on solid state?

    I'm not sure if worth install operating system on SSD. I think the only benefit may be on os boot time. The only advantage at runtime may be the swap file on SSD but you'll have to consider the lifetime when used for frequent writings, especially if you define a static swap file (same min and max size).
    Also, SSD are SLC (Single Level Cell) or MLC (Multi Level Cell) where SLC ensure better performances and longer lifetime but lesser capacity and, of course, they are more expensive.

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    Re: vst on solid state?

    Hey Hans.

    Maxupgrades sells a kit to put up to 8 ssds in a single optical bay in a MacPro. hehe check out their speed results with 8 drives running, each with it's own connection into an 8 Port SATA card----over 2000MB/sec average hahahaha


    I'm sure you could just mount 1 in there, and then have room to grow


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    Re: vst on solid state?

    Thanks for the info Gabe!
    Looks cool.
    I will probably wait a little more until the prices come down towards my somewhat limited budget-but it definetly looks like the way to go!


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    Re: vst on solid state?

    whatever you do dont stripe your raid setup if your storing irreplacable data on it.

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